Who We Are

MaxTech Staffing LLC is a global software product development firm headquartered in the Seattle area, US.  We aim to become a thought-leader in offering services, support and solutions for the US Staffing domain with high-end technology acumen. The company is one of the most innovative providers of information technology and outsourcing services. Our vision is to achieve leadership in providing value added high quality IT services to clients in selected horizontal and vertical. We have a comprehensive portfolio that helps us match the right products, services and solutions to our customers’ specific needs and exceed the expectations of our clients.
We consider quality as the way of life at MaxTech in our end-to-end delivery system. To accomplish our Vision, we have adopted the following Mission objectives:
1. To offer services tailor-made according to clients’ needs
2. To ensure quality in the entire process.
3. To enable smooth transition in the entire on-boarding process.